06/25/09 - 3:23pm
by Chas Danner

Paris Too Crowded This Summer?


Possible Taglines:

“Our helpful militia will beat anyone who interferes with your enjoyment”

“You’ll enjoy three days and two nights seeing all Iran has to offer from your hotel window”

“Allah-o-akbar” doesn’t just mean “God is Great”, it means “All is Well” and people shout it from the rooftops!!”

“Every day at 4pm Iranians put on elaborate street theater re-enacting the famous (and fun!) 1979 Re-Governmenting!”

“Iran, Where Black is the New Green”

“Medical students! Acquire essential learning experience volunteering at area hospitals!”

“Iran is the land of Woman’s Liberation, they are beaten just as harshly as the men!”

“Come to Iran! Where troubles simply disappear!”

“Iran, we hate loud obnoxious Americans even more than you do!”

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