07/16/09 - 10:09am
by Chas Danner

Poem for The Rooftops Suite

A fourth poem has been added to the suite! It was recorded the night of June 21st and has only recently emerged. I once again had the help of some wonderful Iranian’s to help me translate, after which I titled it: “Let Us Not Forget”  And even though it has been a few weeks since it was recorded it’s still very compelling and quite relevant to what we’ve seen this week. (Read this for some more background on the other poem videos) So without further ado – I’m excited to announce that here are all four Poems for the Rooftops of Iran together for the first time – and there may even be a fifth (and definitely final this time)

Click here to jump right to the new one, or head down and browse all four in chronological order…

Tues June 16th 2009 – “Defenseless People”

Fri June 19th 2009 – “Where is This Place”

Sat June 20th 2009 – “Listen Closely”

Sun June 21st 2009 – “Let Us Not Forget”

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One Response to “Poem for The Rooftops Suite”
  1. osmosis says:

    Chas, you’re doing a neat job.
    At the end of every long day, full of ups & downs, people take refuge on the rooftops to make sure that the momentum is not completely lost yet, and to re-exprience the feeling of not being alone.
    I’m glad to see that you’ve taken this project seriously. Keep up the great job. The world is watching.

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