07/24/09 - 6:51am
by Chas Danner

State of the Allah-o Akbars

Via Lara Setrakian who contributes a lot of reporting from sources inside Iran, a letter that references the current state of the Allah-o Akbars there now more than month after the election.

There are still shouts of Allah-o-Akbar at 10:15 every night, which last until 10:30, but they have significantly decreased. I do it with my cousins every now and then. This is how it goes: we go to the roof once we hear one or two yells at around 10:15. Then we sit by a wall so that no one can see us and we yell. Allah-o-Akbar starts off the yelling. And it’s cool because you can hear it from all around, but you can’t see anyone since there is a rumor that snipers go on top of rooftops to shoot anyone they see doing it. Then someone starts it off and the yelling switches to “Marg bar dictator” (Death to the dictator). Then again someone else changes it to “Ya Hossein,” with another person responding “Mirhossein” (This is obviously the name of Mousavi).

The past two nights have seen no new videos of the chanting, and even when the videos appear we still don’t know how widespread the chants are across Iran. Hopefully more video will continue to surface, and from multiple sources, but there is no question that it is indeed probably dangerous to continue to chant… Follow along @ The Rooftop Project

Hat Tip: Dudi

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  1. Mêhran says:


    Thanks for writing on Iran.

    Recently I read this post and suggested possible tag lines of yours about Iran:

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    Thanks to brave people at http://www.irpedia.com/

    Thank you too,

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