07/3/09 - 3:06pm
by Chas Danner

The Calm After and Before the Storm

For anyone who’s still paying close attention to the events in Iran, it’s now obvious that between the lack of demonstrations, the slowdown in Twitter traffic, and the cultural obsession with Michael Jackson – coverage of Iran has rapidly declined. But the story is not dead, the uprising is not extinguished, and the news is still important as the slow pressure of a new status quo in Iran takes shape. Things are simmering, and they may move at this pace for a while. I for one am committed to continuing to follow the story, and I know I am not alone. If anything, it is even more interesting now, there is more time to process, more time for careful reporting to be done as the regime in Iran tries to relax the communications blackout (or else sacrifice their economy).

Stay plugged in. You are smart enough to not need continuous video and images to understand this story. Here are the places online it is still being watched closely:

Nico Pitney @ the Huffington Post (he never sleeps as far as I can tell, this is now the best source online for full coverage)
Juan Cole
NIAC’s Blog
Spencer Ackerman (reports on most anything to do with foreign policy)
Andrew Sullivan (back to covering a wider range of news, but still checking in on Iran several times a day)
BBC (who make me more and more jealous every day wishing for a US equivalent)

In this space @ MightierThan –  I expect to have two big posts for Monday, including the new “Poem for the Rooftop” videos which I have had some very gracious help from Farsi speakers for.

Happy Independence Day, and here’s to independence everywhere…

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