09/18/09 - 4:40pm
by Chas Danner

Rooftop Project – back in action

I’ve been bogged down with the kinds of profound life changes that (hopefully decent) literature is based on, therefore TRP has been out of date for a while – but happy to report that Iran is still going strong regardless of my updating or not, and I found a bunch of rooftop videos to get up from the last month – some which people haven’t seen yet as far as I can tell – and while I am still missing tonight’s video (and I’m sure there will be dozens after such large and indicative protests today) – it is as up to date as I could get it – please let me know if you’ve seen any I’ve missed.

Stay Green Iran..


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One Response to “Rooftop Project – back in action”
  1. uli vs - Munich says:

    thanks for re-starting your TRP!!

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