07/15/09 - 12:06am
by Chas Danner

New June 15th

So I have swapped out the June 15th Allah-o Akbar with a new video, one that currently has only 67 views on YouTube and is not only one of the highest resolution videos I’ve seen, but actually shows the silhouettes of the people chanting from neighboring rooftops, which is really cinematic and beautiful.
Here it is:

June 15th was a very interesting night in video for Iran, with footage emerging not just of the Allah-o Akbars but also of Basij violence seemingly in revenge for that day’s massive (and peaceful) protests. I have a number of mostly unseen videos of June 15th, and will be profiling them together soon in a sort of narrative. We might not have new protests to find video from, at least not until Friday – but I think there is still work to be done collating the less seen videos from the first wave of protests, spending some time to understand them better, and then re-releasing them in more coherent forms. Things are going viral consistently enough for this to be worthwhile, and I know for a fact the footage is trickling thru the filters to Iran which is why the work will always be important. It’s what the MSM should be doing. But they won’t. So I guess I will.

hat tip: Marc